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Hotel Management is a discipline that manages and organizes hotel activities efficiently and rationally. The manager must make financial results reports, receipts – expenditures; Set up rules in personnel management, manage the ratio of rooms sold out and vacancy rates, manage food processing…
Subject Code: 7810201 – Undergraduate
Training system: Formal
Training period: 4 years
Title: Bachelor
Selection team:
A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry)
A01 (Math, Physics, English)
D01(Math, Literature, English)
C00 (Literature, History, Geography)

Admission conditions

In 2022, Thanh Do University enrolls Hotel Management in two ways:

>> Admission based on high school transcript results
– Total average score of 03 subjects of 3 semesters: term 1, 2 of grade 11 and term 1 of grade 12 plus priority points if there are 18 points or more;
– Total average score of 03 subjects of 3 semesters: term 1, 2 of grade 11 and term 1 of grade 12 plus priority points if there are 18 points or more;
>> Admission based on high school exam results

Admission Profile

– 01 copy of Diploma or Certificate of High School Graduation (notarized);

– 01 copy of high school transcript (notarized)

– 01 copy of high school transcript (notarized);

How to register

>> Option 1: Directly at the school or delivered by post:
Admissions Center – 1st Floor, Building A, Chengdu University
Km 15, Highway 32, Kim Chung, Hoai Duc, Hanoi
>> Option 2:
Register online via: Register now

Online consultation via: Messengger

Hotline: 0934.078.668 or 0243.386.1601
Fanpage: Thanh Do University
Website: Thanh Do University

The attraction of the industry

Currently, Vietnam’s tourism is on an extremely strong development momentum, quickly becoming one of the key economic sectors, making great contributions to the development of the country’s economy. This is considered as the locomotive, followed by the development of other economic sectors, whereby hotels and resorts are also increasing in both quantity and quality to meet the service needs of tourists. travel.
Despite being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, Vietnam’s tourism is still considered a promising industry compared to many other countries in the world because it has well controlled the disease. Therefore, Vietnam will still be a tourist destination with great attraction, attracting a large number of domestic and international tourists.

Description of the training program

Each subject, each group of knowledge is logically arranged and in a scientific sequence, linked with each other. This will help you after learning to see the connection between the modules, between the knowledge together, thereby understanding the required knowledge and skills of the industry, the typical knowledge group of the Technology industry. Information includes:

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