ThanhDo University

About Thanh Do University

Thanh Do University was established in 2004, after nearly 20 years of operation, Chengdu University has gradually affirmed its position as a prestigious private school, providing multidisciplinary and multi-disciplinary training with a total of 7 blocks. training program “Technology – Tourism – Languages ​​- Economics – Management – Health – Law”.


It is intellectual development.


Is Capacity Building.


It's Personality Training.


It is the construction of Harmony.

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Why study at
Thanh Do?

  • The school cooperates with the Enterprise in the process of Training and Teaching.

  • The landscape and learning space are multi-dimensional, dynamic, friendly...

  • Thanh Do University is recognized as a national standard higher education institution.

  • Students mature through practical experiences, sports, entertainment, society, and community.

  • Thanh Do University achieved 3-star standard on the rankings of ASEAN and Asian universities.

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Subsite i-PhD

• Established in 2004 – The first private school in the Vietnamese higher education system.
• The university achieves 3-star standard on the ASEAN and Asian University Rankings.
• Is a university that meets the National Education Quality Accreditation standard.
• More than 25000+ students are studying and have graduated.

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