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About Thanh Do University

Established in 2004, after nearly 20 years of operation, Thanh Do University has gradually affirmed its position as a prestigious private school with a total of 4 training disciplines:

  • Technology
  • Economic – Law
  • Languages – Social Sciences
  • Health


is the development of Intelligence.


is to enhance Capacity.


is the training of Personality.


is creating a Harmonious environment.

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Why study at Thanh Do?

  • Thanh Do University is ranked 19th among the top private universities in Asean +2023 (AppliedHE). The school meets the national educational quality standards; achieved three stars for the quality of application-oriented training in the ASEAN University Rankings (UPM).

  • UNIGO scholarship policy accompanies students and parents;

  • Independent learning environment, promoting scientific research;

  • Taking care of the rich and colorful spiritual life of students;

  • Education programs associated with enterprises to meet the modern human resource market. Paid internships at domestic and foreign enterprises. Committed to introducing jobs for 100% of students during their studies and after graduation;

  • Preeminent education ecosystem created by the combination of excellent, dedicated and friendly lecturers, and ten hectares of green nature;

  • Emphasis on 21st century skills for students starting in freshman year.

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I-PhD Program

The I-PhD International Doctoral Program was developed by Thanh Do University in cooperation with prestigious international universities with high university rankings. The I-PhD is designed to minimize the difficulties of studying for a Doctorate abroad such as the duration of study from 3 to 4 years, requires working with foreign instructors, and high requirements on research capacity,...
With 3 factors of Flexibility - Companion - Equipment, I-PhD is confident to bring the best support to Ph.D. students.

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