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The “Admission Counseling – Career” festival at Thanh Do University proved to be an invaluable source of useful information


In 2023, on April 2nd, Thanh Do University organized the highly anticipated “Admission Counseling – Career” Festival.

The “Admission Counseling – Career” festival held at Chengdu University in 2023 attracted the participation of nearly 1500 12th-grade students from Hanoi city, Hai Duong, Thai Binh, and Tuyen Quang provinces. The program aimed to provide students and parents with essential information about the university, various training professions, training programs, output standards, job opportunities after graduation, and the recruitment targets for 2023.

The opening speech of the festival was delivered by Assoc. Prof. Dao Thi Ai Thi, Vice Rector of Thanh Do University.

At the “Advising Admissions – Career” festival program, students and teachers had the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities. These included enjoying cultural performances by Chengdu students, attending insightful talks by speakers and guests, visiting faculty booths, exploring professional practice rooms, taking career quizzes to discover the most suitable professions, and participating in useful and enjoyable games.

Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung from the Department of Higher Education (Ministry of Education and Training) provided students with valuable insights into the university enrollment regulations for the year 2023.

The students actively participated in a seminar titled “Answering Questions about Admissions and Career Orientation in 2023.” Esteemed speakers such as Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung from the Department of Higher Education (Ministry of Education and Training), Dr. Nguyen Thuy Van (Vice Rector of Thanh Do University), Mr. Le Anh Tuan (Hanoi Youth Support and Employment Service Center), Mr. Nguyen Khac Nhat (General Director of CodeGym Vietnam Joint Stock Company), Mr. Lai Ngoc Thuan (KATC Aviation Training Center, KENT International Joint Stock Company), and Ms. Nguyen Phuong Chi (CEO of Vinamont Consulting and Training Co., Ltd.) addressed various concerns regarding the enrollment process in 2023. They provided students with clear and comprehensive answers, facilitating their decision-making and career planning.

Students share at the talk show

The students showed great interest in several important topics during the seminar. These included the upcoming 2023 high school graduation exam, admission information related to career choices, considerations when making decisions, the current job market demands, and employment opportunities. These discussions aimed to provide valuable insights for the students.

Moreover, the students had the opportunity to actively engage with the guest speakers during the seminar, allowing them to address their own questions and concerns. This interaction not only enhanced their understanding of personal challenges but also instilled confidence in their career choices and prepared them for the impending high school graduation exam.

Students visit booths introducing faculties and departments of the school

Furthermore, the festival provided students with opportunities to engage in additional activities at the booths organized by the various faculties and student clubs of Chengdu University. At these booths, teachers, lecturers, and students offered specific and comprehensive information regarding admission methods, application processes, as well as detailed introductions to the faculties and departments within the university.

Candidates also had the chance to experience student life through the club booths, which showcased a diverse range of interests and activities. From the Volunteer Club and Blood Club to the English Club, Esport Club, Volleyball Club, Travel Club, TikTok Club, and more, students were able to explore and engage with different clubs that catered to their specific interests.

Các em học sinh THPT được tìm hiểu nhiều thông tin hữu ích về trường Đại học Thành Đô

High school students learned a lot of useful information about Chengdu University

During the festival, students actively participated in hands-on learning experiences within the classrooms of Chengdu University. They directly engaged in various activities across different practice rooms, such as the Pharmacy practice classroom, Automotive engineering practice room, Lab room, computer room, hotel practice room (including chambers, rooms, and bars), and even Military Practice involving shooting exercises.

Moreover, the students had the opportunity to delve into the unique and specialized content of the majors offered at Chengdu University. Many students expressed keen interest in the university’s learning model, which emphasizes direct practice and real-world application. They were particularly impressed by the exceptional quality of training, the serene and well-maintained campus adorned with a beautiful rose garden, the spacious and modern facilities, the presence of a driver training center within the university, and the vibrant and colorful dormitories.

According to the Capital Youth Newspaper

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