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With the educational philosophy: “INTELLIGENCE – COMPETENCY – VIRTUE – HARMONY”. In which INTELLIGENCE is the development of Intelligence; COMPETENCY is to enhance Capacity; VIRTUE is the training of Personality; HARMONY is creating a Harmonious environment.

Thanh Do University is situated within the Thanh Do Education Ecosystem (Thanhdo Education Village), which fosters a holistic educational environment. Here, learners have the opportunity to develop intellectually, enhance their skills and capabilities, nurture their character, and acquire valuable interpersonal skills to thrive in diverse social settings.

Thanh Do University strives for a well-rounded educational environment

Ensuring the quality of education is always our top priority at Thanh Do University

Thanh Do University is committed to its vision of becoming the foremost educational institution in Vietnam, excelling in practical application and fostering a multidisciplinary approach. With dedicated and synchronized investments in staff development and infrastructure, the university aims to provide industry-focused training and career guidance. It strives to unleash the creative potential of individuals while aligning with societal needs and generating new value for the community. The educational philosophy of Thanh Do University values and nurtures each individual, fostering an environment of respect and freedom. All ideas and initiatives are welcomed and subject to constructive criticism, as together, we aim to reach the highest levels of knowledge and excellence.

Over nearly two decades of establishment and growth, Thanh Do University has accomplished significant milestones in education, training, scientific research, and technological advancements.

Embracing all initiatives and fostering constructive criticism to collectively strive for knowledge excellence.

The training programs at Thanh Do University are strategically aligned with accreditation standards and career-oriented benchmarks, emphasizing the integration of theoretical knowledge with real-world applications. Approximately 50% of students’ learning time is dedicated to practical experiences, including case exercises, interdisciplinary projects, internships at enterprises, and active involvement in applied research projects within the Thanh Do Education Ecosystem. This approach ensures that students gain valuable hands-on experience and develop practical skills that are relevant to their chosen fields.

With a steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality education, Thanh Do University consistently seeks to enhance collaborations with numerous businesses and international universities. Notable partnerships include Codegym Company, Letco Company, School Milton Friedman University, Kyungdong University – Korea, Petronas University of Technology (UTP) Malaysia, Sun World Group, Novotel Group, Vietinbank, Toyota Vietnam, among others. These collaborations provide students with valuable opportunities to broaden their learning experiences, engage in practical work, and gain exposure to international standards. Such partnerships serve as a solid foundation for students’ knowledge and practical skills, equipping them for future success upon graduation.

Collaboration with international universities

Thanh Do University prides itself on its accomplished and passionate faculty members, whose expertise and dedication are evident through their research accomplishments and extensive university teaching experience. The faculty includes professors and Ph.D. holders who possess management roles and bring valuable expertise from years of teaching abroad. All lecturers at the university hold graduate degrees and willingly share their wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience with students, driven by the mission of the institution. They consistently assess and evaluate students’ learning outcomes in a fair manner, encouraging students to engage in scientific research through substantial assignments, essays, projects, and theses.

*Currently, Thanh Do University provides a Master’s degree program in Economic Management, offering two distinct orientations:

_ Application-oriented Economic Management

_ Economic Management with a specialized focus on Pharmaceutical Economic Management

*Thanh Do University offers a comprehensive range of disciplines within four major fields: Technology, Economic Law, Languages-Social Sciences, and Health. These disciplines encompass 12 specific industry groups, including Information Technology, Automotive Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronics, Vietnamese Studies (Tour Guide), English Language, Hotel Administration, Business Management, Office Administration, Accounting, Pharmacy, Law, and Education.

Thanh Do University provides a range of majors within its college system, including English, Japanese, Tour Guide, Hotel Management, and Pharmacy.

In addition to the existing admission methods based on high school results and high school graduation exam results, Thanh Do University will introduce a new admission method in 2023 that combines foreign language certificates with high school exam results.

Thanh Do University prioritizes the well-being of its students, taking comprehensive care of their needs, ranging from scholarships to ensuring a high quality of life.

At Thanh Do University, we prioritize the well-being of our students by providing comprehensive support, ranging from scholarships to enhancing their quality of life.

Continuing our commitment to motivate and support students in their academic pursuits, Thanh Do University proudly offers valuable scholarships for new students in 2023 through the UNIGO Scholarship Fund, with a total value of up to 55 billion VND. These scholarships include:

  1. Community Scholarship: 3,000,000,000 VND
  2. Talent Scholarship: 1,000,000,000 VND
  3. Companion Scholarship: 1,000,000,000 VND
  4. Relay Scholarship: 4,000,000,000 VND

Additionally, there are early admission gifts worth a total of 600,000,000 VND and New Student gifts worth 200,000,000 VND.

Over the years, Thanh Do University has achieved remarkable accomplishments in education, training, scientific research, and technology development. The university has consistently made significant advancements in facilities, scale, technology, staff, and training quality, cementing its position as a leading institution in these domains.

Students workshop

Thanh Do University not only focuses on improving the quality of education but also places a strong emphasis on the well-being of its students. With the philosophy of promoting a happy and conducive learning environment, the university provides platforms for students to express their passions, talents, and individuality. Various competitions and events, such as the Sports Festival, Football Tournament, Esports Tournament, photo contests, Idol Tiktok contest, and even the Miss Thanh Do pageant for Thanh Do girls, are organized to encourage student participation and foster a vibrant campus life.

Thanh Do University also prioritizes the well-being of its students, particularly those residing in the dormitories. With the belief that the dormitory serves as a second home, the university strives to create the best possible living conditions for students, fostering a cozy and friendly environment where lasting memories are made with friends beneath the shelter of the Great Wall. The dormitories are adorned with vibrant and refreshing colors, exuding a youthful and dynamic atmosphere. The campus is diligently maintained, ensuring cleanliness, while the facilities continue to be upgraded, providing students with spacious and modern living spaces.

Showcases the Thanh Do Dormitory, which serves as a warm and welcoming second home for students, creating cherished memories with friends.

Thanh Do University boasts a vibrant and united community with numerous active clubs. These clubs include the Volunteer Club, Blood Club, Travel Club, English Club, Media Club, Volleyball Club, Esport Club, Tiktok Club, and many more. Whether it’s a community service club or a hobby-based club, these organizations provide students with meaningful activities and joyous moments during their precious youth at Thanh Do University.

Esports Club

Notable accomplishments of the university team

Through unwavering dedication and significant contributions to Vietnamese education, Thanh Do University has earned the following accolades:

In 2020, Thanh Do University was among the pioneering 40 educational institutions in Southeast Asia to be honored with a 3-star rating by the Southeast Asian University Quality Assurance Network (UPM) for its commitment to applied orientation and excellence.

In 2021, Thanh Do University is officially recognized as meeting the national quality accreditation standards for higher education institutions.

In 2023, Thanh Do University is one of two Vietnamese private universities in the ASEAN+ private university rankings according to the assessment of AppliedHE, in which it holds the fifth position in the category of Teaching and Learning. , and tenth in the graduate employability category.

Thanh Do University has also made a breakthrough to increase its ranking on the international Webometrics rankings.

Thanh Do University proudly holds the distinction of being one of the two Vietnamese private universities listed in the prestigious ASEAN+ private university ranking.

Embracing a tradition of unity and compassion, Thanh Do University proactively conducts annual volunteer programs that uplift the lives of numerous underprivileged individuals, fostering a sense of social responsibility, and promoting community well-being. These initiatives exemplify the university’s commitment to noble acts, social harmony, and the overall betterment of society.

Thanh Do University demonstrates its strong commitment to community responsibility

In parallel with its focus on improving the quality of education, Thanh Do University places great importance on the well-being of its staff and lecturers. The university actively engages in activities such as developing grassroots Party committees and trade unions, and continuously strives to enhance the living conditions of its cadres and lecturers. Various events, including teaching competitions, sports, cultural and artistic activities, witness enthusiastic participation from officials and lecturers, leading to remarkable outcomes.

These achievements serve as a testament to the university’s commitment to providing high-quality education. Thanh Do University remains dedicated to gradual improvement, innovation, and the enhancement of training quality, creating a conducive learning environment that nurtures the holistic development of its learners.

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