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A set of useful products for women researched by Thanh Do University (Hanoi) has just won the Third Prize, the National Encouragement Award in the Women in Entrepreneurship Contest 2023.

Party Member, President of the Vietnam Women’s Union Ha Thi Nga (2nd from right) and the winners of the 2023 National Women Entrepreneurship Contest

Set of women’s health care products and environmental friendliness

Associate Professor. Phan Thanh Thao, co-leader of the research team, had a discussion with PNVN Newspaper about the issue of research and production based on clean material areas with a closed process.

– Can you introduce a few features about Thanh Do University’s useful products for women?

The product set is the result of the Double2N Research Group of the Institute of Research, Education and Knowledge Transfer (REK), Thanh Do University. In the context that people are increasingly concerned about the quality of life, the research team always wonders how to have a comprehensive, environmentally friendly and suitable health care solution for all ages of women. We thought, explored and decided to research, apply and commercialize the purest product line, derived entirely from nature.

Associate. Professor. Phan Thanh Thao (left) and pharmacist Thanh Hue – co-leader of the research team

A useful set of products for women includes: Grapefruit peel essential oil; Aloe vera shampoo – Grapefruit peach; Betel leaf essence feminine hygiene solution no; Hair conditioner cream extracted from essential oil of Grapefruit peel – Avocado – Coconut; Mouth Spray – Herbal throat extracted from Mint – Aloe vera – Betel nut; Aloe vera jelly.

We have conducted in-depth research on the uses and effects of betel leaf, pomelo peel, aloe vera and have successfully launched product lines in health care, especially for women. Aloe vera, peach grapefruit, betel nut, avocado, coconut, mint… are readily available, easy to find and high value materials in many localities across Vietnam.

The commercialization of the product will contribute to utilizing and enhancing the value of available local medicinal resources, improving public health, creating jobs and economy for local people, students, especially women.

– Could you please tell us, how long does it take from idea to embarkation on product research?

With enthusiasm, effort, from idea to embarkation on research and product launch is 3 years. It started with a single study by pharmacist Thanh Hue, co-leader of the research team, under the advice of some leading experts in 2019. Later, the Research Group was formed. We have continued to research, experiment and experience customers at Thanh Hue Perfect Healthcare Company. The research was then intensified and expanded with the participation of staff, lecturers and students of Thanh Do University from testing the whole process to product testing. Up to now, we are completing the commercialization stages of this product.

Peel boiled aloe vera to eat except for meals, change vegetables, change rice

– Currently, there are many similar organic product lines on the market, what difficulties have you encountered when producing and “launching” this product set to the market?

Entering the market with countless competitors, we have worked hard to find our own direction. In research, the challenge is how to optimize the use of chemicals, preservatives, surfactants while still being able to preserve the product for a long time, while not affecting product quality. In the stage of commercializing products, the biggest challenge is how to make the product reach users and gain the trust of users, especially women.

Clean raw materials used for production are located in Hai Duong

Double2N research team chooses the direction to promote the advantages of available resources: First, exploiting natural raw materials to make products, preserve, develop and improve the value of indigenous agricultural crops, especially pomelo trees, betel nut, aloe vera; second, take advantage of research resources from the university’s team of experts, lecturers and students in Pharmacology.

– Many people often lose food and insomnia when doing research, with this product set, have you and your colleagues in Thanh Do University ever fallen into this situation? When did the team feel discouraged when faced with difficulties, stuck in the research process, and how did the team overcome it?

Scientific research is an arduous journey

Scientific research is an arduous journey, challenging but also full of laughter. There were nights when we stayed up all night studying; worrying and losing sleep when there is no solution for the product, with the requirement: (1) Safe, benign, not having to use any medicinal chemicals; (2) Maximum retention of natural nutrients inherent in raw materials. In addition, the stable sourcing of raw materials and financial solutions to commercialize the product are also things that make the insomnia research team find solutions.

The time when the Group conducted the study was also the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot of the group’s activities were almost interrupted, at times almost stalled. The challenge of input materials, the challenge of assembling the team, the challenge of many failed sample extraction attempts… left us stuck. But it is also the Covid-19 pandemic that urges us to have a line of health care products from nature, contributing to creating value for the community. Post-Covid-19 is an opportunity to develop if the product is perfected.

– What is the memory that you and your team remember most during the research and production of the product set?

The team’s most memorable memory is probably the process of sourcing clean, stable and long-term raw materials. Finding a place that can ensure enough for long-term production in certain quantities is not easy, because the standard ingredients carefully cared for by farmers are only available on a small scale. The team had very long days going around searching. There were times, we had to peel boiled aloe vera to eat instead of vegetables, change rice except for meals and then continue to survey and research. It can be said to be the most difficult and strenuous process.

However, in the same journey, the group has more opportunities to exchange, exchange with each other, understand the personality and stick together as a family. As a result, the research team has also built a clean material area, ensuring the supply for the production of products.

Practice – the core value of all training activities

– Could you please tell us, is the product set a way to make lecturers and students feel interested in learning and research right from the moment they sit in school?

The integration of training, scientific research and technology transfer to meet the needs of practice, typically the needs of enterprises, plays a very important and decisive role in the stable development of universities. For Thanh Do University, study, practice and practice are the core values of all training activities we have been implementing.

For pharmacology, the successful research and commercialization of this product set is a way to motivate lecturers and students of the university to be more interested in learning; At the same time, motivate and research spirit for the next products.

Successful research and commercialization of useful products for women is a way to motivate the teaching staff and students of the university

In other words, by participating in this research project, students of the university experience professional and practical knowledge. From the link with businesses to research and commercialize products, the University has more conditions to improve the quality of training, create products that have been experienced in practice; Scientific research results will have a clear application address to promote application into practice, creating research efficiency and implementation – research efficiency.

– How is it carried out to engage students in each teaching hour, as well as inspire them in scientific research at Thanh Do University?

To inspire students in scientific research, first of all, there must be a “leader” – someone who is enthusiastic and passionate about scientific research. At Thanh Do University, we have formed and developed application-oriented research groups. We create an environment for students to exchange with teachers and other students, to be rubbed in practice. Through the products of our research teams, we want our students to see that their efforts in scientific research bring real results.

In addition, one way to encourage students to study science is to bring research closer to employment, which is highly applicable. When they are interested, young people will develop their own skills, explore and research themselves. Having that skill, they follow the desired scientific path on their own.

– Returning to the “made by Thanh Do University” women’s product set, can you introduce the useful uses, strengths or differences of the product set compared to similar products on the market?

With products derived from 100% nature,… Good for human health and environmentally friendly, the research team has brought customers a variety of products from health to beauty with preeminent uses. This is the convergence of the best that nature can bring. We consider and make the most of natural resources, from plants, herbs to minerals.

It can be said that our products are a unique and practical discovery from nature, bringing value to health and beauty for users.

To perfect the product, since 2019, the team has collected feedback from hundreds of thousands of customers directly at Thanh Hue Perfect Healthcare Company. In addition, the group also collected feedback from consumers who are students, lecturers and partners of Thanh Do University. Most of the comments that the research team received about the product set are positive, suitable for the majority of users, especially safe and benign.

Most recently, the Group has given more than 500 customers to experience and the evaluation result is that 90% of customers responded very well, very satisfied. 10% of customers rated it at a good (relatively good) level.

With the motto of putting the word “TAM” (made by our own hearts) on top, taking prestige and quality as core values for development. The product has undergone extremely careful and meticulous steps such as cultivating medicinal herbs, researching in laboratories, preparation, before putting into industrial-scale production, testing, perfecting products …

For example, simply with peach pomelo peel essential oi, the group has had a comparison test with green skin grapefruit essential oil, the content of essential oils as well as antibacterial substances, hair growth stimulants of peach grapefruit essential oil is superior to green skin grapefruit essential oil. This product has the effect of supporting hair nourishment, stimulating hair growth, helping long and silky hair, fighting baldness and hair loss. Helps antibacterial, deodorizes, aromatizes the scalp, hair, helps to desensitize, relax, reduce stress.

The “made by Thanh Do” product set is a unique discovery from nature, bringing value to health and beauty to users

Or like the Aloe vera shampoo – Grapefruit peach has the effect of cleansing dandruff of the scalp, preventing fungus itching, hair loss; stimulates hair growth, improves fibrous, tangled, split ends, breakage … prevention of premature graying hair. With enzymatic fermentation extract from aloe vera gel and peach grapefruit peel, there is no need to use preservatives because the enzyme is a catalyst, eliminating mold, so there is no need for any preservative ingredients. Thickening, foaming from aloe vera gel itself and foaming from fermentation of pelicans, creating aroma from natural essential oils, does not contain any chemical components. The product is different from the product on the market is that it does not cook and uses thickeners, preservatives and foaming agents…

– Can you share a little about the plans, development direction of the product set in particular, the research work of Thanh Do University in general in the future?

It is planned that in the coming time, the research team will continue to implement new product lines of the Double2N brand such as: Aloe Vera cleanser, shower gel, natural room fragrance … promising customers the most complete experience.

The kit won the Regional Third Prize and the National Women in Entrepreneurship 2023 Consolation Award

In addition, the University will promote the set of product by effective marketing campaign, as well as cooperate with domestic and foreign partners such as agents, pharmacies … to bring the product closer to consumers. At the same time, the University will promote students’ start-up projects in product distribution, sales, health care and beauty services.

– Thank you for sharing very interestingly!

Preliminary information about the product set

Contact: Thanh Do University

Address: Km 15, National Highway 32, Lai Xa, Kim Chung, Hoai Duc, Hanoi

Fanpage: Dou3le2n

Phone: 0773584888

The price ranges from 70,000 VND to 230,000 VND / product


Opinions of some customers who have used the product

* Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong (Hoai Duc, Hanoi): I often suffer from sore throat, especially with the current seasonal weather, since using herbal throat spray, I have seen a marked reduction in this condition. Besides, it also eliminates bad breath, making breath fresher.

* Ms. Tran Thi Tuyet (Yen Bai): After giving birth, I experienced a lot of hair loss, I tried many types of products but the condition did not improve much. Very fortunate when I was introduced by a friend to know about products with 100% natural, safe and benign origin, especially Thanh Do University’s peach grapefruit essential oil. I have been using it for some time and now the hair loss has decreased markedly. Besides, my hair also grows more. I also used aloe vera shampoo – grapefruit peach and hair conditioner, and found that it was very dandruff-free, not itchy, and the hair was smoother and stronger.

* Ms. Le Thu An (Hoa Binh): Fungal infections are not only my worries, but also those of many women. When using feminine hygiene solution “made by Thanh Do University”, I found it very benign, reduced fungal infections, itch, betel nut smell is also very pleasant.

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