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THANH DO University is in the top of ASEAN application oriented universities (ASEAN 2024: AppliedHE). The school meets the National Education Quality Standard; it achieves three stars in terms of application-oriented training quality in the ranking of ASEAN universities (UPM).

In 2024, the school announced the following program of enrollment at regular universities and colleges:

1. Subject: Candidates graduating from high school or above.

2. Time periods

– Receiving dossiers: From January 18, 2024 to April 30, 2024.

– Admission (Planned): May 10, 2024.

3. Admission method:

  • Admissions according to high school results
  • Admissions according to high school graduation exam results
  • Admissions combined with foreign language certificates and high school graduation exam results
  • Admissions based on the results of the competency assessment test of Hanoi National University

4. Admissions, indicators, and combinations of admission

 Ordinal numbers Majors Numbers of students Combined subjects
 Full – time Programs
A. Technology
1 Information Technology 180 A00, A01, B00, D01
2 Automotive Engineering Technology 80
3 Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology 50
B. Economics – Law
4 Accounting 80 A00, A01, B00, D01
5 Business Administration (Digital Marketing) 180 A00, A01, C00, D01
6 Office Administration 60
7 Law 60
C. Linguistics – Social Sciences
8 English Study 180 D01, D07, D14, D15
9 Hotel Management 70 A00, A01, C00, D01
10 Vietnamese study (Tourism Guide) 120
11 Education Study 60 A00, C00, D01, D14
New Enrollment Majors (Planned)
12 Chinese Study 100 C00, D01, D14, D15
13 Oriental Study 100
D. Health Care
14 Pharmacology


A00, A11, B00, D07
College Programs ( Bachelor’s degree in practice)
1 English 25 High school graduate or Equivalent
2 Japanese 25
3 Travel Guide 25
4 Hotel Management 25
5 Pharmacology 25

 Combined subjects

A00: Maths, Physics, Chemistry B00: Maths, Physics, Biology D07: Maths, Physics, English
A01: Maths, Physics, English C00: Literature, History, Geography D14: Literature, History, English
A11: Maths, Chemistry,Civis Education D01: Maths, Literature, English D15: Literature, Geography, English

5. Scholarship Programs

Ordinal Number Scholarship Value (VND) Time Periods Majors
1 Community Scholarrship 100% tuition fees and dormitory accommodation for 4 years Students are ethnic minorities and enroll for the Department of Office Administration or Vietnamese Study
2 Talent Scholarship 100% tuition fees 2nd and 3rd semester Information Technology, Automotive Engineering Technology, Accounting, Business Administration, Office Management, Hospitality Management, Vietnamese Studies, English Language, Pharmacy and Law
3 Companionship Scholarship 100% of tuition fees for the 2nd semester
4 Supportive Scholarship 50% of tuition fee for the entire course Electrical Engineering Technology – Electronics, Education and Education
5 Techonogical Scholarship Laptop with value of 10 million VND


6. Course of study

  • The application-oriented training program, including one semester of paid internships at domestic and foreign enterprises
  •  Total study time:
    o Regular University: 3.5 years – 4 years (Pharmacology: 5 years).
    o Regular college: 2.5 years (Pharmacology: 3 years).

7. Admissions documents
• A notarized copy of the high school diploma (temporary certificate of graduation), high school records;
• Copy of ID/CCCD, birth certificate, other priority documents (if any).

8. Register to apply:

Option 1: Directly at the School or delivered by post

Admissions Center Office – 1st Floor, Building A, Thanh Do University

Km15, Highway 32, Kim Chung, Hoai Duc, Hanoi

Hotline: 0934.078.668 – 024.33.861,601

Option 2: Online at Website: or Fanpage: Thanh Do University

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