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The Education program at Thanh Do University is designed to cultivate application-oriented professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for the era of the fourth industrial revolution. Students in the education major gain a strong foundation in psychology, educational theory, and educational management. This prepares them for various roles such as leaders, managers, professional advisors, and experts in the field of education.

Upon graduation, students are qualified to become teachers and lecturers at all levels of education, from preschool to university. They can also engage in educational research projects, contribute to curriculum design, and participate in educational policy-making at educational agencies, management units, and non-governmental organizations.

Sector Code: 7140101

Training System: Regular university

Training Period: 3.5 years

Degree: Bachelor’s degree

Selection Teams:

  • A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry)
  • C00 (Literature, History, Geography)
  • D01 (Math, Literature, English)
  • D14 (Literature, History, English)

Admission conditions

Thanh Do University offers three enrollment options for prospective students:

  1. Admission based on high school results: Applicants must achieve an average score of three subjects in three semesters (two semesters of grade 11 and semester 1 of grade 12) with a minimum total of 18 points or higher.
  2. Admission based on the results of the high school graduation exam: Applicants will be considered based on their performance in the high school graduation exam.
  3. Admission based on a combination of foreign language certificates and high school graduation exam scores: Applicants can submit both their foreign language certificates and high school graduation exam scores for evaluation.

Admission Profile

Candidates need to prepare documents including:

  • 01 notarized copy of diploma or certificate of high school graduation, high school transcript;
  • 01 copy of CCCD, Birth Certificate, Priority papers (if any).

How to register

  • Option 1: Directly at the School or delivered by post

Admissions Center Office – 1st Floor, Building A, Thanh Do University

Km15, Highway 32, Kim Chung, Hoai Duc, Hanoi

Hotline: 0934.078.668 – 024.33.861,601 VND

  • Option 2: Online at: Website: or Fanpage: Thanh Do University

The attraction of the industry

Teaching positions at UNIGO Bilingual High School or any educational institution from preschool to graduate school.

Management and leadership roles in educational institutions at all levels.

Expert or senior advisor in educational policy making, program evaluation, and research and development of educational programs.

Designing training programs, teaching programs, and educational and training plans across different disciplines and educational levels.

Conducting research and developing education-related projects in domestic agencies, enterprises, and non-governmental organizations.

Planning, organizing, and conducting training activities, and fostering personnel in various departments and divisions of enterprises and organizations.

Providing counseling on educational psychology in the education system, including preschool, primary school, junior high school, high school, intermediate school, college, university, and other counseling centers.

Teaching positions at different educational institutions, ranging from preschool to graduate school, as well as specialized educational institutions.

Pursuing further studies and research at the Master’s and Doctoral levels.

Description of the training program

Each subject, each group of knowledge is logically and scientifically arranged, with interconnections. This helps students to see the coherence between modules, the interconnectedness of knowledge, and thereby gain a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge and skills required in the field.

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