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Significance of the logo of Thanh Do University through the ages

The current Thanh Do University logo is identified by the main image of the Lotus flower. This is an image of special significance to the Vietnamese people, showing enlightenment and perfection, both close to everyday life and extremely noble and sacred. In Asian culture, the lotus flower symbolizes the ethical values ​​of integrity, the formation and development of wisdom.

However, before that, through each stage of development since the school was founded in 2004, the logo of the school has gone through 3 versions, each version carries images symbolizing the vision and mission of the school.

In the first phase, the logo was the central image of the outline of Khue Van Cac, the gate of the first national school in our country. More specifically, this image is stylized from the letter T and the letter D is both the abbreviation of the school and the pride of being the first private university in the Vietnamese education system. The circular logo frame, blue background border and the school name are written in both English and Vietnamese, representing the tradition of sustainable education.

In the second version, the school logo is designed to be open and unconventional, with the book icon on the horizon, the English name of the school is shown in dark blue. The overall logo implies the development orientation of Thanh Do University for international integration and always towards the sun of knowledge.

Inheriting the beauty and meaning from the previous two logo versions, the current logo is represented by stylized imitations of Book, Pen, Nghien and Hoa Sen. Once again affirming the educational philosophy that the school proposes and pursues. Thanh Do University will always aim for an educational environment where learners can develop intellectually, improve their abilities, practice personality and create harmony.

Besides, the current logo also has a vivid version with a golden lotus flower and the school name written in blue on a white background. These are also two typical and traditional colors of Thanh Do University used in the previous two logo versions.

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