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Thanh Do University is ranked 19th among the top private universities in Asean +2023 (AppliedHE). The school meets the national educational quality standards; achieved three stars for the quality of application-oriented training in the ASEAN University Rankings (UPM).

The school announces the admission of Master of Economic Management in 2023 as follows:

  1. Form, time, and major of training
  • Training forms: formal
  • Training period: 1.5 years (evening and Saturday classes)
  • Application-oriented training program:
    • Economic management
    • Economic Management (specialized orientation in Pharmaceutical Economic Management)
  1. Targeted candidates and enrollment methods

2.1. Enrollment candidates

Candidates who have graduated or have been eligible for recognition of university graduation (or equivalent qualifications or higher) in a relevant field of Economic Management.

2.2 Admission method

2.2.1 Admissions

Admission is based on the cumulative average of the university degree: The admission score is 2.0 or higher for System 4.0 and 5.0 or higher for System 10.

2.2.2 Subjects to supplement knowledge

The list of suitable majors and the number of additional subjects are specified in Appendix 01

2.2.3 Foreign language requirements

Candidates with foreign language ability from Level 3 or higher according to the 6-level Foreign Language Competency Framework for Vietnam, meeting one of the following requirements:

  • Foreign languages bachelor’s degree or higher; or a university diploma or higher where the program is conducted primarily in a foreign language;
  • Having one of the foreign language diplomas and certificates at a level equivalent to Level 3 or higher according to the 6-level Foreign Language Competency Framework for Vietnam or other equivalent certificates announced by the Ministry of Education and Training (Appendix 02), valid until the date of registration.

Note: University diplomas and transcripts issued by foreign training institutions must be notarized in Vietnamese and enclosed with a document certifying the degree of the Quality Management Department, the Ministry of Education and Training.

2.3 Graduation conditions

_ Complete the entire training program

_ Satisfy the requirements for foreign language proficiency: The student’s foreign language level is equivalent to level B2 or 4/6 of the European Framework of Reference according to regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

_ Qualified to defend the thesis according to the Master’s Degree Training Regulations of Thanh Do University.

_ Defend a satisfactory graduation project.

  1. Deadline for application, admission, and admission.
  • Receiving applications: from the date of announcement to before the expected admission time of each batch.
  • Batch 1: Recruitment (expected): May 13, 2023; Admission (expected): 20/05/2023
  • Batch 2: Recruitment (expected): October 7, 2023; Admission (expected): October 14, 2023
  • Batch 3: Recruitment (expected): December 15, 2023; Admission (expected): December 23, 2023
  1. Admission fee: 2,100,000 VND/candidate, Free application
  2. Application
  • Application form for the exam (according to the form of Thanh Do University);
  • Notarized copies of diplomas, and university transcripts;
  • Notarized copies of foreign language diplomas and certificates;
  • Copy of birth certificate, ID, and priority papers (if any).
  1. Application submission
  • Option 1: Directly at the School or delivered by post

Admissions Center Office – 1st Floor, Building A, Thanh Do University

Km15, Highway 32, Kim Chung, Hoai Duc, Hanoi

Hotline: 0934.078.668 – 024.33.861,601

  • Option 2: Online at Website: or Fanpage: Thanh Do University

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