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Thanh Do University is recognized as a national standard higher education institution

On August 25, 2021, Thanh Do University was awarded the Certificate of Quality Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions by the Education Accreditation Center – Hanoi National University according to Decision No. 371/QD-KDCL dated August 25, 2021 by Education Accreditation Center – Hanoi National University.

The Certificate of Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions is a proof that Thanh Do University meets the educational quality standards as prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training. The Certificate of Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions is the result of the continuous efforts in improving the training quality of the staff, lecturers and school staff who always want to bring a good learning environment. quality training for learners and access to regional standards as well as standards of the quality assurance network of ASEAN universities.

To prepare for the assessment of educational institutions, Thanh Do University has implemented self-assessment according to the new set of standards of the Ministry of Education and Training with 25 standards and 111 criteria of the Circular. 12/2017/TT-BGDDT issued on 19/5/2017.

Dr. Duong Tu Cuong – Vice President of the University gave a speech and presented an overview of the University

Previously, on June 25, 2021, the Center for Accreditation of Education – Vietnam National University, Hanoi conducted a preliminary survey at Chengdu University to prepare for the official survey of the University according to the regulations. regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Duc – Head of the delegation of HE experts presented the preliminary report on the official survey results at the closing session

From July 2 to July 6, 2021, the external assessment team of the Center for Education Accreditation – Hanoi National University conducted an official survey at Chengdu University with the following activities: : Researching records, demonstrating, interviewing target groups inside and outside the school, including school leaders, mass administration officials, professional managers, lecturers, support staff, learners at all levels, alumni and employers; Field observations of facilities, working directly with officials in charge of professional work at units affiliated to the university, observing teaching and learning activities, etc. to serve the quality accreditation of facilities higher education department. After more than four days of working seriously, urgently and in accordance with regulations, the External Auditor’s Delegation reported the preliminary results of quality assessment at Chengdu University. Ministry and learners of the University have achieved in the past 5 years; acknowledge the efforts and efforts to overcome difficulties and challenges of teachers and students so that the school can achieve the results it is today. The report also provides important recommendations for the University to overcome shortcomings and limitations to improve quality.

Dr. Ta Thi Thu Hien, Deputy Director in charge of the Center for Educational Accreditation, VNU-HCM gave a speech

With 17 years of construction and development, Thanh Do University has always focused on improving the quality of its multi-disciplinary, application-oriented training with outstanding characteristics of practicality and career orientation. Every year, the school focuses on self-reviewing and re-evaluating its activities with the desire to provide a quality, creative, open and serving learning environment for learners. In addition, in order to make a commitment to the quality of training for learners, employers, partners as well as the whole society, Thanh Do University has actively implemented external assessment processes. This is an important milestone of the University in 2021, a testament to the University’s constant efforts in improving the quality of training.

Dr. Duong Tu Cuong – Vice Rector of the University gave a speech

Signing Minutes of Preliminary Survey

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Some pictures of the activities of the External Assessment Team at the official survey session:

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