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The advantages of studying at a school that meets national quality accreditation standards


Currently, accrediting educational institutions and accrediting training programs are essential and urgent requirements for universities to exercise autonomy under the revised Law on Higher Education. At the same time, once the university performs accreditation at the educational institution level or training program level, it also makes sense to publicize the training quality assurance conditions in front of the whole society, which helps parents, Learners and especially businesses can monitor the quality of training programs provided by the school.

Accreditation is important in education:

Understanding the role and value of education quality assessment, since its inception, Thanh Do University has built and perfected the learning environment for students in the direction of application. Up to now, after 17 years of establishment, the university has been assessed by the Quality Assurance Network, a part of the Southeast Asian University Network (ASEAN University Network – Quality Assurance – AUN-QA) to achieve the standard of Three Stars on the rankings. ASEAN and Asian Universities in terms of training quality application-oriented. And recently, Chengdu University was officially recognized as meeting the national quality standards of higher education institutions.

Benefits for learners:

There are many benefits from studying at universities that meet quality accreditation standards. Learners will be able to study with quality assurance conditions, synchronously from the output standards, the facilities system, the staff, the capacity and the quality of life. program management capacity, new updated curriculum system, active teaching methods, helping learners develop their own capacity and meet the increasing recruitment requirements of enterprises. Therefore, learners have many advantages when participating in job search and integration with the international labor market.

Acquiring quality accreditation according to the standards of the Ministry of Education and Training is a commitment of Thanh Do University to ensure the quality of training meets the requirements of society. So what are you waiting for without choosing Chengdu University as a place to study and save the years of your youth?


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