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School-level scientific conference “Developing reading culture in the digital age”


The Industrial Revolution 4.0, the era of audiovisual technology has been affecting all areas of social life, including reading culture. Nowadays, instead of flipping through and finding information on the pages or going to the library, they now click, type or “search”. You can spend a few hours a day watching TV, surfing the web, accessing social networks, but it is very difficult to sit still for 30 minutes to read a book.

To maintain, develop and spread reading culture among staff, lecturers and students; Share research results, experiences from a research and practice perspective, and develop a reading culture in the fast-paced development of technology. Thanh Do University organizes a school-level scientific conference with the theme “Developing reading culture in the digital age”

The workshop is expected to take place from 13:30 to 16:30 (Wednesday – April 6, 2022).

Format: Online via Zoom meeting platform

IP address: 707 700 4822, no login pass required.

Scientists, researchers and interested officials, lecturers, students and students are invited to attend the Conference.

+ Receive articles to attend the Conference or publish the Proceedings: from February 25 to the end of March 25, 2022.


Mrs. Hao, Department of Science and Technology

Phone: 0982.951.202


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