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Thanh Do University has made a breakthrough, climbing 1450 places in the international rankings, according to the latest ranking from Webometrics published on February 1, 2023.

The Webometrics International University Rankings is an initiative of Cybermetrics Lab, the research group of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), the largest public research agency in Spain.

Based on the criteria of Existence/Influence, Academic Openness/Transparency, and Academic Disclosure Excellence, the ranking on the Webometrics leaderboard shows the level of digital transformation and quantity of science and technology activity at higher education institutions worldwide and within each country.

According to the latest January 2023 edition of Webometrics, Thanh Do University ranked 141 out of 184 Vietnamese universities ranked. At the same time, Thanh Do University is also ranked 1480 on the Southeast Asian University Rankings and 18,407 out of 30,000 higher education institutions worldwide in the Webometrics database.

Although the ranking is still modest, the above results show a breakthrough for Thanh Do University in the past 6 months since it was first ranked on Webometrics. The school has risen 9 places in the national rankings and 1450 places in a row, compared to the ranking results at Webometrics in August 2022.

Ranking position of Thanh Do University on the International Webometrics University Rankings on February 1, 2023. Source:  (accessed on 06/02/2023)

More specifically, Thanh Do University had a remarkable increase in the ranking, from 19078 to 17560 (up 1518 places) in terms of Visibility, related to the influence and spread of content on the university’s website. Coming in second place was the increase in Academic Transparency or Openness, a measure of the influence of researchers in higher education institutions. Finally, Excellence, which relates to the influence of science and technology results and products, recorded a slight increase from 7217 to 7204 (up 13 places).

Thanh Do University ranking information on the Webometrics website Source:  (accessed February 6, 2023)

Overall, this ranking period is a recognition of the school’s improvement efforts in the short term. At the same time, this is also the driving force for Thanh Do University to continue pursuing long-term strategies for creating and transferring the value of scientific knowledge to society and orientations to building a professional and prestigious educational environment.

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