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Another representative from South Korea, Jeonju University and KCL Trading Company are potential partners for the development of the Faculty of Aviation at Thanh Do University.

On the afternoon of April 21, 2023, the signing ceremony of cooperation between Thanh Do University and Jeonju University of Korea, and KCL Trading Company took place focusing on discussing aspects and programs that can be implemented with the Faculty of Aviation – Thanh Do University in developing training programs, organizing visits, internships, exchanging experiences between the two schools, promises to open up many new opportunities in teaching and learning.

Overview of the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between Thanh Do University and Jeonju University – Korea and KLC Trading Company

Jeonju University with a history of more than 60 years of establishment and development, is a general university with 8 disciplines and 60 training programs. The University has 13,000 students, of which 800 are Vietnamese students. Representative of Jeonju University – Professor Jang Hyeon Jin – Institute of International Relations emphasized the similar fields of study and cooperation opportunities between the two universities. Flight attendant is a major in the Faculty of Tourism Management at Jeonju University, in recent times, Jeonju University expressed its desire to exchange students majoring in Flight Attendance in particular and to organize short-term student exchanges for students of other majors in general.

Professor Jang Hyeon Jin – Institute for International Relations Cooperative introduced Jeonju University

Promoting the building of programs and schools of international standards, and in fact, Jeonju School is also implementing a partnership program (2+2) with several universities in Vietnam and offers many scholarship programs for international students in short-term and long-term training programs.

Through the introduction of the representative of Jeonju University about the existing faculties and disciplines, Assoc. Dao Thi Ai Thi offered exchanges and suggested cooperation aspects for similar disciplines and programs such as Electricity, Electronics, Information Technology, Business Administration, Tourism, etc., encouraging student exchange programs during the corporate semester, promoting the exchange of lecturers to learn and improve their expertise and create an important premise to open international joint programs at Thanh Do University.

Assoc. Dao Thi Ai Thi – Vice Rector of Thanh Do University

In particular, the representative of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Thang – Head of Science, Technology and Environment Department, Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, Ministry of Transport has had honest and close sharing about the work and changes of the aviation industry from the perspective of a person in the profession.

On the side of KCL Trading Company, there was the attendance of Mr. Kim Sang Won – General Director, and representatives of KCL Vietnam. The company has a system of language centers, supporting qualified foreign language training and completing study abroad documents.

At the meeting, with the desire to move towards the long-term goal of creating a learning environment, exchanging and expanding cooperation relationships in various fields, especially practical skills of students of the Faculty of Aviation. The school’s representative thoroughly discussed the scope of cooperation and signed a memorandum of understanding – an important premise for the cooperation process in the coming time.

According to the content of the signed agreement, the two sides move towards long-term cooperation in training several strong and similar disciplines, discussing training programs, courses, and professions suitable to learners’ abilities and aspirations, and creating favorable conditions for student exchange.

During the meeting, Thanh Do University also discussed and signed a cooperation agreement with HH Group on recruitment and human resource training coordination.

Both sides believe that the signing will bring new cooperation programs for students, and increase student exchange programs and cultural exchange. In particular, this event will be a premise for deeper and more comprehensive cooperation between the two universities as well as the two countries in the near future.

The success of the signing ceremony is the first step for a good cooperation relationship in the future, opening up opportunities for multi-disciplinary training cooperation, creating conditions for students and lecturers of Thanh Do University to go abroad for academic experience and exchange, to expand the “map” of international partners. With goodwill to cooperate, the connection between Thanh Do University, Jeonju University, and KCL Trading Company promises to create many positive results, contributing to strengthening the diplomatic relationship in the education network of the two countries.

With the goal of providing quality training programs that meet international standards for learners, Thanh Do University always actively promotes the signing of strategic cooperation agreements with universities, research institutes, and domestic and international enterprises. The implementation of international cooperation and exchange programs creates opportunities for students to study and experience real programs, as a preparation for the development of students in the future.

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