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Building on the success of their previous meeting, Thanh Do University and 24H Law Firm have now reached a significant milestone by signing agreements for collaborative programs and discussions.

Thanh Do University, with its commitment to training high-quality professionals, consistently advocates for a learning model that emphasizes practical application and bridges the gap between theory and practice. The university places great emphasis on the comprehensive development of practical skills and competencies in their students’ professional journey.

To foster an enabling environment for students to study, practice, and thrive, Thanh Do University actively promotes association activities and provides support for training opportunities with companies and businesses. On the morning of March 17, 2023, a significant signing ceremony took place between Thanh Do University and 24h Law Firm. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, 24h Law Firm stands as a prominent consulting and litigation entity across various fields, boasting 34 transaction offices nationwide. This partnership opens numerous doors of opportunity for students, particularly those studying in the Law Faculty.

Meeting between Thanh Do University and 24H Law Firm

The signing ceremony at Thanh Do University saw the presence of Assoc.Prof. Dao Thi Ai Thi, the Vice Rector, along with the heads and deputies of various units. Representing 24h Law Firm, Mr. Nguyen Van An, the Director, and several lawyers were also in attendance. Notably, students from the Faculty of Law actively participated in the program as well.

Mr. Nguyen Van An – Director of 24H Law Firm

During the meeting, the leaders from both sides exchanged essential information about their respective units. They discussed various aspects of enrollment, training, and teaching of Law at the university, as well as the field of law enforcement. Additionally, there were discussions about the activities and operational scope of 24H Law Firm.

Signing of cooperation agreement between Thanh Do University and 24H Law Firm

In terms of support, the two sides discussed the acceptance of Law students from Thanh Do University for practical training and guaranteed job placement after graduation. They also focused on diversifying the practical content within study programs, enhancing career skills, and extending the duration of internships during the final semester.

The highlight of the Signing Ceremony was the discussion surrounding the establishment of the Center for Training of Professional Skills and Soft Skills. The company expressed its full support for law practice programs at Thanh Do University, including organizing seminars, presentations, developing litigation and consulting skills, honing research abilities for legal documents, and enhancing collaboration with law enforcement agencies. Notably, there was an emphasis on developing soft skills in communication and consultation.

During the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement, the participating students expressed their views and demonstrated their determination to study diligently, accumulate skills, and enhance their capabilities with the goal of securing employment right after graduation. Their active participation showcased their commitment towards leveraging the benefits of this collaboration.

The signing ceremony of cooperation with 24h Law Firm has unlocked significant opportunities for Law students at Thanh Do University. Under the model of emphasizing skill development and harnessing strengths through practical application, students can directly apply their knowledge to tackle real-life situations. This collaboration paves the way for an enriching and impactful educational experience.

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