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The Thanh Do 2023 E-Sports Tournament (Thanh Do Esport) – TDD Summer Season Championship 2023 officially launched in an exciting atmosphere and received enthusiastic cheers not only from gamers present directly at the Conference Rose School but also from the audience watching on online channels – Fanpage of Thanh Do University and Thanh Do Esport.

The tournament officially commenced on May 12, 2023, with 16 participating teams being randomly allocated into 04 groups and competing in a BO3 format.

Dr. Nguyen Thuy Van, Vice-Principal presents the competition flag to the Captain – representatives of the participating teams

Teams that have completed the registration process and received confirmation from the tournament organizers will enter the group stage. The group stage will take place on weekends, starting from May 12 and concluding on May 28. The top two teams with the highest total points from each group will progress to the next round.

Showing great attention and fostering the tournament’s spirit, Dr. Nguyen Thuy Van, Vice Rector, and MSc. Quach Cong Giang, Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Youth Union, Acting Director of the Center for Admissions and International Relations, along with teachers representing various departments of the university, participated in the Opening Ceremony.

Speaking at the Opening Ceremony, MSc. Quach Cong Giang, the head of the tournament organizers, highlighted the importance of the team members’ proactive spirit, as well as the key factors of “focus” and “teamwork” that lead to success in each match. He extended his best wishes to all the teams, encouraging them to play with confidence, strength, and high concentration, and to deliver intense and captivating matches that greatly contribute to the season’s success. The Thanh Do E-sport tournament aims to enhance the Youth Union’s activities, promote student club engagement, create a healthy gaming environment, foster solidarity, and facilitate exchange and learning among different branches and student unions within the university.

MSc. Quach Cong Giang, the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Youth Union and Acting Director of the Center for Admissions and International Relations, delivered a speech at the Opening Ceremony.

This is the largest tournament organized by the Executive Committee of Thanh Do University, offering an exciting and highly anticipated destination this summer. Continuing to embrace a youthful and dynamic atmosphere, the tournament features two main games, Arena of Valor (AOV) and PUBG Mobile, anticipating intense matches among competing teams. This year, PUBG Mobile has been added for online competition, in addition to the live gameplay of Mobile Alliance. What’s more, this tournament is open to all high school students, fostering interactions and camaraderie among fellow students.

During the opening ceremony, team captains were presented with flags and match cards for their respective team members. The schedule and general rules of the tournament were announced, allowing the teams to prepare for the upcoming TDD SUMMER SEASON CHAMPIONSHIP 2023.

The participating teams completed the necessary procedures to receive their match cards.

The Thanh Do Esport 2023 tournament received enthusiastic cheers from both gamers and the audience, with supporters present at the venue and those watching via livestream on online channels.

The tournament kicked off with an exhilarating match between the reigning champions of 2022, Esport Club, and Hopeless. Both teams exhibited remarkable skills, confidence, and a fierce competitive spirit throughout each game. The opening match between Esport Club (CLBE) and Hopeless (HL) was highly impressive, resulting in a victory for Esport Club. Congratulations to Esport Club for securing the first score and temporarily leading in Group A.

Although Hopeless did not achieve the desired results in this initial match, it is important to note that there are still ample opportunities to improve and elevate their performance. Tactical adjustments, skill enhancement, and accumulating more energy will be crucial for Hopeless to deliver their best performance in the upcoming matches.

Live competition pictures of the opening match at the 8th Floor Gymnasium – C Hall

We extend our warmest wishes to all 16 participating teams for an incredibly passionate and unforgettable season. The upcoming weekends will continue to bring intense matches, and we are thrilled to witness the inclusion of high school teams, promising thrilling competitions and exchanges among the student teams.

Stay tuned to the Thanh Do Esport page, the official Fanpage of the Thanh Do University Esports Club, for all the latest updates on match schedules, live videos, and photos. Follow and support the players as they engage in exciting matches, and stay informed about the fixtures and the latest happenings of the Thanh Do Esport 2023 tournament!

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