Fluorescent properties of some polythiophenes synthesized from 2‐(thiophen‐3‐yl)acetohydrazide and acetophenone


Nguyen Ngoc Linh 

 Ha Manh Hung 

 Doan Thi Yen Oanh 

 Bui Thi Thuy Linh 

 Nguyen Tien Cong 

 Nguyen Thuy Chinh 

 Thai Hoang 

 Vu Quoc Trung

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In this study, new polythiophenes containing hydrazone groups from derivatives of acetophenone were synthesized by chemical oxidative coupling polymerization. Ultraviolet‐visible spectroscopy (UV‐Vis) combined with infrared (IR) analyses proved the supposed structure of novel polythiophenes and proved conformance of the expected synthetic method. Morphology and surface properties of the synthesized polymers were investigated by field‐emission scanning electron microscopy (FE‐SEM). Thermal gravimetry analysis (TGA) has been reported that there was still the presence of small FeCl3 catalyst in polymers and polymers had a stable thermal stability under air atmosphere. The polymers displayed fluorescence emissions at about 590 nm attributed to the π‐conjugated polythiophene. Polymers without doping have a good electrical conductivity (around 4.03×10–7 S/cm at 1 MHz).

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