Synthesis of polythiophene containing heterocycle on the side chain: A review


Nguyen Ngoc Linh 

Tran Thi Thuy Duong 

Nguyen Hien 

 Vu Quoc Trung

First published: 26 February 2020

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This review highlights some synthesis results of ionic and neutral conjugated polythiophenes containing heterocyclic moieties on side chain using oxidative or cross‐coupling polymerizations. Because of their increasing importance in material science, a lot of methods have recently been developed for their synthesis and modification. The review also reported out that conjugated polythiophenes exhibit special optical and electrical properties with high solubility in water making potential applications of these polymers from aqueous solutions, which can facilitate the preparation of the composites of these polymers. The art of designing side chains with various sizes, electronic properties and polarities was demonstrated to be necessary for fine‐tuning the solubility and other properties of polythiophenes, thereby enhancing their applications as advanced materials.

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