The Role of Organic and Inorganic UV-absorbents on Photopolymerization and Mechanical Properties of Acrylate-urethane Coating



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Abstract and Figures

In this study, the kinetic of photopolymerization reaction, mechanical properties and the morphology of UV curable acrylate urethane coating were investigated. Coatings consisting of 2 wt.% of tinuvin 384, R-TiO2, A-TiO2 and ZnO were fabricated. Loading of 2 wt.% of Tinuvin 384 organic UV absorbent was found to decrease the conversion of acrylate double bonds, gel fraction, relative hardness and abrasion resistance of the coating. R-TiO2 nanoparticles showed insignificant impact on the conversion of acrylate double bonds but improved mechanical properties of the coating. A-TiO2 and ZnO enhanced both the conversion of acrylate double bonds and mechanical properties of the coatings. A mechanism of photopolymerization reaction of UV-curable acrylate urethane coating in the presence of inorganic UV absorbents has proposed. Nanoparticles were dispersed well in a polymer matrix, with a size of about 50−200 nm.

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