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     Studying at Thanhdo University offers you the following benefits
– Student Care:
When you become a Thanhdo member, you become part of an education environment who welcome you in not as a number but as a human. Our staffs will walk with you, care for the individual, partner with your success, and stand by you in the moments of failure.
– Education programs:
Ours academic programs are highly flexible with textbooks and curricula being carefully selected. With the University’s new admission scheme approved by the Ministry of Education and Training, high school graduates have more chances to study at the University.
– Cost:
We commit to providing quality academic programs at a reasonable fee. We also offer a range of grant and other funding options.
– Industry Placement:
Our work-integrated learning programs – with 12 weeks of industry placements undertaken locally, offer you the opportunity to learn in real-life setting, observe professional and ask questions; you will be work-ready when you graduate.
– Careers and Employment Service:
The Careers and Employment Service can help you find a part-time job while you are studying. You are also equipped with necessary soft-skills so that you are able to cope with challengers and gain success in an integrated working environment. You will get the latest information on job vacancies and career options with your degrees.


     Thanhdo University was founded as a college of technology in November 2004. Throughout the years, the University has widened its reputation and strength by its growing of student enrolment each year as well as its growth of infrastructure and staff.
Thanhdo University now covers nearby 100,000 square meters of land in Hanoi, an ideal place for attracting investment, student, an faculty from around the country, including sports complex, dormitory, car and motorcycle driving center, fruit garden, medicinal garden…


    Thanhdo University, Hoaiduc, Hanoi, Vietnam is a privately owned, belonging to the Vietnamese official higher education system. The university meets all the national training standards in awarding diploma and bachelor degrees.
Thanhdo University degrees are strongly recognized by employers, governments and others academic institutions.
Thanhdo University degrees are equal to those officially recognizes institutions.  Graduates are therefore able to continue their studying at higher levels in other institutions of higher learning.


     Thanhdo University offers a strong commitment to assist employs and industry professional to connect with our students. Such commitment is being in practice through series of activities to educate and orientate our students to industries relevant to their careers. They include Jobs or Company Recruitment Programs, Career Week and Career Expo, Networking events.


    We welcome collaboration and partnership with national and international organizations. The University has a strong commitment to building lasting relationships with industry and business to ensure education and training programs continue to be practical, industry-relevant, and international recognized.
We collaborate with national organizations such as Japanese – Thanglong industrial zone, Toyota company, Honda company. These collaboration can provide our students with real world and at the same time equip the student with industry-relevant certificates, which will give them additional credit in the workplace without requiring extensive additional training.
We are also searching for further international collaboration to provide students with international recognized education and support the students to become global citizen. Specifically, those prospective opportunities involve Internship Program or Exchanging Program, Oversea Program, through which teachers and students are enrolled into specific international courses that integrate their theoretical knowledge with workplace experience. This gives a richer education experience and important skills making teachers and students reach to the global standard.

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